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About AVA

AVA Recordings is an electronic dance music record label founded in early 2006 by UK Grammy nominated artist Andy Moor. In 2014, Vancouver based producer & DJ Somna (Benjamin Leung) joined the label as Moor’s partner and co-owner. Later in 2022 Dylan Page joined the AVA Recordings’ partners bringing additional insight and expertise. AVA Recordings was a sub label of Armada Music from December 2008 until 2014, at which point the label joined Black Hole Recordings.

Whether well-established names or newly discovered talents, AVA Recordings is committed to showcasing top-caliber artists in the trance and progressive genres of electronic dance music. Music brings the world together, and AVA is proud to deliver a wide variety of high quality, melodic ‘Music for the People’.


AVA RECORDINGS  |  Trance & Progressive 

AVA WHITE  |  Classic & Uplifting Trance

AVA DEEP  |  Deep & Progressive House

AVA CHILL  |  Ambient & Downtempo