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AVA 10 Years Sampler EP 2

2016 / 4 Tracks / AVA Recordings / AVA157
Another round of exclusive tracks taken from the AVA 10 years compilation! The first of the package is coincidently the first track of the compilation’s disc 2. Harnam & Max Denoise In Voyage is the perfect set builder with it’s silky smooth vibes and soft atmospheric vocal adlibs. Perfection in every way. The second track in the package comes from an AVA regular, Sheridan Grout returns with his exclusive track Holding On. Vocal chops dance about as he infuses square leads alongside wide supersaw chords. Following that is the exclusive remix from Spark & Shade of VENIICE & Michele C’s Coming Undone. They’ve taken the melody and twisted it into something more classical and banging with stomping beats and hits. Closing off the package is returning artist Vadim Bonkrashkov with a monster track Prometheus. Huge bass stabs push and pull with intricacy and intensity before his big room trance melodies hit for the final climax!


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